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Tried & Tested: Pedi products

Tried & Tested: Pedi products

Pedis are the perfect way to relax and get your feet beach ready. But you don't always have to shell out for treatments at a salon: more and more companies are cottoning on to the fact that many of us beauty worshippers like to do things our way, in the comfort of our own homes. We bring you a selection of the products out there promising to provide the perfect DIY-pedi, and rate whether they can really stand on their own two (immaculately manicured) feet...

Micronail Electric Nail Polisher - 4/5

Anyone who's had their nails done at a salon will be familiar with electric buffing devices used to smooth the surface for perfect polish application. Thanks to Micronail you can now get that at home, with a buffer that comes with sandpaper-like attachments that whizz around to leave your nails silky smooth. It makes the perfect base for a pedicure (or manicure, of course!) but watch out you don't accidentally snag your skin!

Footner Exfoliating Socks - 1/5

'For Baby-Soft Feet', the packet promises. I popped these slippery socks on and left them for an hour before rinsing my feet, during which I noticed whatever ingredients are included in the mix had stripped some of my nail polish. The instructions do make you aware to expect up to ten days of peeling after usage but I never expected it to be so bad, to the point that I didn't even want to wear sandals as my feet looked so gross. Maybe I'd feel different had I tried them in the winter, but after this one go, I won't be turning to them again in the future.

Bourjois La Laque - 2.5/5

This is a new range from the company and the first thing to note is the packaging; the bottles are triangle and can be slotted together to form a cube. Obviously it doesn't impact the product, but it means they look fun on the shelf! The colours range from white and pale shades to bright blue, turquoise and reds. The USP is that it's a thick product so you only need one coat, which is perfect for a speedy pedicure. That's true, but when I used a ridge-filler basecoat it was streaky. I used another coat and the colour became solid (if a bit too thick), but unfortunately it didn't last that long. I got chips after a couple of days, and the shine also wore off very quickly.

Maybelline Colour Show Vinyl in Black - 5/5

Black may be a strange colour choice for the summer, but this varnish adds a hint of luxe to sandals. It goes on really easily, needing only two coats (and no base or top coat, unlike nails). Maybelline is always reliable, but this polish goes the extra mile and stayed on for weeks. Unlike some that rub off on shoes, Colour Show doesn't and also skilfully avoided any chips. There really is nothing to fault.

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