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Tried & Tested: Overnight products

Tried & Tested: Overnight products

Getting eight hours in bed doesn't always happen in our busy lives, but certain products don't need that long to really get to work. We look at some of the best sleep-in skin saviours that aim to help us while we slumber.

Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate - 3.5/5

It's award-winning, so I had big expectations with this serum. The midnight blue bottle alone is a pretty sight and with so few drops going such a long way I expect it to last for a long time. It's not something I use every day, but after massaging into my face and neck before I go to bed my skin feels a lot softer in the morning. I wouldn't say my complexion looks any brighter, which is what it promises (using the word 'youthful'), however I am impressed with the results.

REN Wake Wonderful Night-Time Facial - 5/5

Saying an at-home product is going to be as good as a facial is a bold claim, but in this case it's justified. REN Wake Wonderful Night-Time Facial is a cream which you apply after cleansing your face, either sandwiched between serum and moisturiser or on its own. It has acids to exfoliate and other ingredients to leave skin plump and moisturised - and it really works. The first time I used this I woke up and my skin was much more radiant than usual, and after several weeks I can see it looks fresher and my fine lines aren't as apparent. I love this, it's one of the few things I'll re-buy. Just a note though, because of the acids it's not for sensitive skin.

BRYT Night - 5/5

I love this rich night cream from It felt really nourishing when I applied it before bed but without that greasy, heavy feeling some products have. Essential oils include Rose Absolute, Chinese Geranium, Palma Rose and Lavender, all of which made a big difference to my dry skin with regular use. A perfect product for sensitive skin, especially if you suffer from eczema, dryness or rosacea.

Darphin: 8-Flower Nectar - 4/5

There is no doubt that this is a luxury product, but as it was my first try of an oil I was slightly apprehensive. I had visions of smothering my face in grease, then waking up to ruined pillow cases. I couldn't have been more wrong. Upon waking up I completely forgot I'd even applied this the night before, as it left no trace on my skin. Apart from how great it felt! My face felt smooth and hydrated, and I could easily have skipped my morning moisturiser. The smell is quite strong, not overpowering exactly, but it wasn't my favourite scent. You need a good few drops to get an even coverage, but 8-Flower Nectar doesn't require everyday use so the bottle will last.

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