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Tried & tested: Lip liner

Tried & tested: Lip liner

If you're a lipstick aficionado you'll probably have experienced one of the following: the rage after your perfectly-applied colour disappears; the embarrassment of finding lipstick on your teeth; the horror of your shade scurrying from your lips onto your chin. That's because, while bold lips look fab, they are tricky to maintain. Lip liners can help, with many make-up artists advising you to fill in your whole mouth before putting your product on top. This means should any wear off, you'll still be sporting some colour. But which work? We try to find out.

Max Factor Colour Elixir Lip Liner in Red Rush 10 - 5/5

Whenever I decide to rock a red lip, my application isn't complete without this product. It's soft to the touch and glides on neatly, keeping my lipstick/gloss in place. It's a long pencil, so even after sharpening it quite a lot, it hasn't shrunk over time. With different shades catering to various lip products, there's something for everyone, and this Rush Red tone blended effortlessly when I filled in my lips with a brush.

Lavera Soft Lipliner in Red - 5/5

I never normally bother with a lip liner - they give me horror visions of the 90s, when popstars outlined their lips with a brown pencil. However, I couldn't be more impressed with this soft version from Lavera! It stopped my red lipstick from bleeding and meant it lasted hours longer than normal. It's also available in plum, rose and pink, so I'll have to stock up!

Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Contour Lip Pencil With Brush Duo - 3/5

I used this in the red shade, which is a bright pillar box colour and ideal for bold mouths. I did like it, but it didn't blow me away. I found the pencil a little scratchy to apply; I've used ones which glide on and this didn't. It did stay in place though and it stopped any feathering too. I'm not a big fan of the brush on the end - it seems like an added quirk rather than being something which is strictly necessary as I don't blend my lip liner.

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