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Tried & tested: Hair perfumes

Tried & tested: Hair perfumes

Everybody loves the smell of freshly-washed hair, but unfortunately it doesn't always hang around for that long. Not to worry though, because a new trend of beauty products has you covered. Hair perfumes are the latest buzz in beauty, so we put some of them to the test.

Percy & Reed Eau My Goodness Shine & Fragrance Spray - 2/5

This is supposed to do double duty as a "light" hair fragrance and a shine spray. While the scent it nice and fresh, it unfortunately doesn't last and so after a couple of hours there is no detectable scent. It did make my hair shiny, but it also made it stiff like a helmet which wasn't the look I was going for.

Thierry Mugler Angel hair mist - 5/5

Going in bold with a 5, but really there is no fault with this product. It smells exactly like Angel perfume, and is extremely long lasting (we're talking about can still smell it after the gym!). Angel is quite a heavy scent, so to simply spray it in your hair is a great compromise if the fragrance is too overpowering for you.

Lee Stafford CoCo LoCo Coconut Spritz - 3.5/5

This isn't technically meant as a hair fragrance, but it has a really gorgeous smell. The subtle coconut scent is naturally gorgeous and refreshes second-day hair perfectly. It's also a nourishing milk and provides moisture to just-washed hair. Use in dry hair when needed for a little lift. The only downside is that it can weigh locks down, so stick to the bare minimum. The smell also only hangs around for a couple of hours.

Sachajuan Protective Hair Perfume - 4/5

This has a pretty scent but it's quite strong, so it won't be for everyone. It hangs around though which I liked, and the product is also supposed to protect from UV rays and add moisture. Finally it helps with static, which I definitely noticed as I suffer from it.

Narciso Rodriguez for her hair mist - 4/5

If I hadn't known this product was a hair mist, I would have assumed it was a perfume as the scent was a lot stronger than I anticipated. But this is why I love it so much as I use it both on my hair and as a body fragrance, and a little goes a long way. The smell doesn't last for as long as I'd like it to, but that doesn't stop me from rating it highly. It's the perfect product for the daytime and has become one of my morning routine must-haves.

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