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Tried & Tested: Blow dry sprays

Tried & Tested: Blow dry sprays

Washing, drying and styling your hair can often be a massive effort, but spritzing on a spray that speeds the process up may be just what you need to save time. We check out what's on the shelf right now.

Lee Stafford's my Big Fat Root Boost Mousse Spray - 4/5

When it comes to volume I prefer to add it when blow-drying as I'm not one for using hairsprays, so it all comes down to the product I use before applying the heat on whether I'll be left with body or hair that falls flat. Luckily this mousse spray gives good results without the sticky finish that you sometimes get. I just applied it to my roots when my hair is towel-dried and once it's all combed through I went about doing my hair like I normally would. It comes out a little quick so I had to squeeze the nozzle gently, but aside from that it's fab.

KMS California FreeShape Quick Blow Dry - 4/5

This is sprayed on towelled hair and is supposed to speed up the amount of drying time you need by 50 per cent, reduce friction and condition tresses so they feel soft and silky. As someone who struggles with dry hair, that sounded right up my street and luckily it delivered. I definitely needed less time under the hairdryer which has to be a good thing, but it did leave my strands a little crispy on the odd time I oversprayed.

Schwarzkopf got2b Mind Blowing Xpress Dry Styling Spray - 3.5/5

When I first used this spray I couldn't work out why my hair dried so quickly, then remembered I'd spitzed this on. It dried my hair in about three minutes flat, which I found really speedy. I love that it has heat protection too, and so I didn't need an additional product. The down side of the spray was that it really tangled my hair, which I found even more annoying as the bottle says it acts as a detangler! Tangled tresses aside, I really like this product. It leaves a gorgeous scent too, and my hair smelt as if I'd just walked out of the hairdressers. I'll be using this after every wash from now on.

TRESemmé 24 Hour Body Dramatic Volume Blow Dry Lotion - 4/5

I use a lot of TRESemmé products already, so I started with the 24 Hour Body shampoo and conditioner, hoping this would maximise the blow-dry lotion's effect. It's easily applied to towel-dried hair and has a pleasant smell, too. While drying, I immediately noticed a bounce to my hair and a lift to the roots, which is hard to achieve with my fine locks. Even after a night's sleep, my hair felt fuller than normal. While I wouldn't call the results 'dramatic', this product does offer a very welcome boost to at-home blow-dries.

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