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Tried and tested: Razors

Tried and tested: Razors

Shaving is never going to be one of the most fun parts of a beauty routine, so anything which can cut down on the time it takes is good with us. Here we test out a new crop of razors to see which makes short time of the chore.

Gillette Venus Snap With Embrace Razor - 5/5

Those embarrassing moments when you realise you've missed a patch after shaving are a thing of the past with this neat little contraption. Essentially all that sets this razor apart from others is its size, and with a cute little case to keep it in it's the perfect must-have for your handbag. While the handle is small, it's easy to hold and all you need to do is wet the tip for the blades to glide with ease. A majority of heads fit the base so no need to shop especially for it either.

Wilkinson Sword Quattro for Women Bikini with Papaya & Pearl - 4/5

Not everyone wants to wax their bikini line and this product makes shaving so much easier! The blade gives a nice close finish, however I found the papaya and pearl extract didn't make a noticeable difference (although there was no irritation, which is a great bonus). I love the trimmer, it's perfect for the bikini area and the holder that suctions onto the shower is a nice touch.

Gillette Venus and Olay Sugarberry - 3/5

I love the idea of this razor; the blade is sandwiched between two shave-gel bars which means it should give you an all-in-one lather and shave experience. However it didn't foam up as much as I would have liked, which was disappointing. The sugarberry scent was nice though. On the razor front, I normally use Venus so I was happy with the results.

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