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Tried and tested: Moisturising body washes

Tried and tested: Moisturising body washes

Sometimes it's nice to get some moisture in during a shower rather than spending time applying products afterwards. That's why we thought we'd test some nourishing body washes to see if they left our skin feeling hydrated!

Dove Go Fresh Revive Body Wash - 5/5

Dove is famous for its rich, luxurious products at a valuable price, which is just what this cream offers. It glides on effortlessly in the shower and leaves me with both a fresh, fruity scent and silky soft skin. It lathers up well too so not much is needed to get a good froth going, and the smooth skin sensation lasts for hours as well. My shower must-have!

JASON Smoothing Coconut Body Wash - 4/5

This moisturising body wash is ideal for people with very dry skin, and has a gentle formula which leaves behind no residue. Featuring virgin coconut oil and shea butter, it leaves a sweet scent to transport you to the tropics, and I was pleased with the luxurious creamy feel without it foaming up like other sudsy body washes. It's free from synthetic fragrances, parabens and other nasty additives, and it's also rich in Vitamin E antioxidant polyphenols, doubling up nice as a cream for shaving my legs.

L'Occitane, Shea Butter Ultra Rich Milk Shower Cream - 4/5

A rich moisturising shower cream that can be used on hair and body with 5 per cent shea butter. The shower cream lathers up really well, smells gorgeous, and left my skin feeling really soft and silky, with no need for additional moisturising.

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