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Tried and tested: Moisture Boosting

Tried and tested: Moisture Boosting

Central heating taking it out of your skin and hair? Then give yourself a moisture boost with products specially designed to put some life back into your system. We check out what’s currently on offer in the moisture department.

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Moisture -4.5/5

I used this new Aussie product after taking hair extensions out, and was surprised by how good my hair looked after. I had expected it to appear a little lackluster and damaged as it hasn’t been cut for months due to the extensions, but after a couple of washes with this my hair looked really fresh and healthy. The smell, like all Aussie’s products, is amazing too. The soft feeling stayed in for days after. Loved!

Indeed Labs hydraluron Moisture Boosting Facial Serum - 3.5/5

I'm feeling extremely dehydrated at the moment, especially my skin, so was looking forward to giving this a go. Slowly but surely my face is feeling more nourished, and the dry patches are calming down a little. I applied the serum on clean skin before moisturising and noticed my make-up doesn't get cakey like it sometimes does during dry spells. If it carries on this way, I've found a new saviour for my skin.

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