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Tried and tested: light foundations

Tried and tested: light foundations

By now, most of us will have waved goodbye to winter and welcomed spring with open arms. Warmer weather means lighter clothes, and we think lighter make-up too. To get you into the swing of things we've tested a couple of foundations out to see if the lighter options are just as good as their thicker counterparts.

The Body Shop Fresh Nude Foundation – 4.5/5

This foundation was a little thicker than I expected, but it rubbed in easily and a few pumps went a long way. The thickness disappeared once applied to skin, and while it covered any redness, it let my freckles show through which gave my face a natural look. The addition of rose water and aloe vera meant my skin was kept hydrated, and also that the foundation had a really pleasant smell. It lasted all day too. Overall a very impressive product.

Bourjois Air Mat Foundation – 4/5

If you’re not a fan of matte foundations, look away now. This beauty from Bourjois manages to leave a matte, powdery finish, without clogging skin. It’s lightweight enough to wear in the summer, though if you’re looking for a foundation with less coverage it may be too thick. I got comments that I looked tanned with it on, and although I found shade 02 Vanilla a little yellowish, it blended well. Stays pout for hours too.

Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Foundation - 5/5

With a little bit of a shake to even out the liquid, this foundation glides on so effortlessly that it feels like I'm not wearing any at all. But despite its soft, light nature, the coverage is amazing and I don't need to apply a big amount to gloss over blemishes. As the weather gets warmer I know I'll be using this product more and more - it's already become my go-to foundation every day. Bring on the summer!

Liz Earle Signature Foundation - 5/5

Finally, the light-weight foundation we’ve been searching for! With its silky formula offering easy-to-build coverage, this foundation glides on effortlessly to deliver a smooth, even finish in mere moments. Enriched with vitamin E, this foundation sets with a matte finish and lasts all day without shine or the need to use a powder on top. Furthermore, a few drops of this product go a long way, making it a truly economical option.

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