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Tried and tested: honey products

Tried and tested: honey products

Honey is one of nature’s top beauty offerings, and can be used to keep us healthy on the inside and beautiful on the outside. We look at some products harnessing the power of honey, and rate just how good they are.

Bee Good NectaPerfecta Beautifying Mask - 5/5

This mask is full of the goodness of honey and has a brilliant natural scent. Its formula combines British Propolis with hydrating British Wildflower Honey and three natural waxes to nourish and moisturise. I like to use as a mini-facial, gently massaging into the face using small circular movements and leaving on for anywhere between one to 20 minutes. The mask can also be used as a weekly scalp treatment, on the hands and cuticles as a moisturiser or any patches of dry skin.

Laura Mercier Creme Brulee Honey Bath – 5/5

Not only does this creamy bath gel smell absolutely divine (sweet but not sickly) but it also feels super silky on my skin. It provides just the right amount of bubbles and is absolute heaven to step into. It’s been designed to tone and nourish skin with vitamins A and E, and I certainly felt a lot more moisturised all over after a long soak. Whether it will achieve the former results I’m not sure yet, but for now I’m loving this as a relaxing bath product.

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