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Tried and tested: heat protectors

Tried and tested: heat protectors

When protecting our hair from heat damage we want to know that what we're using is actually doing what it promises on the bottle. To save you from trying various products, we've rounded up a few and tested them!

OGX Brazilian Keratin Flat Iron Spray - 4/5

With a blend of Brazilian coconut oils and keratin proteins not only does OGX’s spray protect your hair from thermal heat styling but it also leaves a lovely scent. I recommend applying 2-3 sprays for each section of hair before using fingers to spread the product through the tresses prior to blow-drying. Great for controlling frizz in humid weather.

TRESemme Heat Defence Styling Spray - 4/5

This no-fuss spray does a great job in protecting my hair from sizzling under the hair dryer and continuing to protect when using my straighteners. I apply a liberal amount all over, ensuring I don't spray from too close as it may leave a sticky finish, and it leaves strands intact as well as giving a silky smooth shine. The perfect finish!

Schwarzkopf got2b Mind Blowing Xpress Dry Styling Spray - 3.5/5

The downside of this spray is it can leave my hair quite sticky and tangled, but on the plus side not only does this protect against heat, it also speeds my blow-dry right up. I shaved at least five minutes off! Hair doesn’t feel damaged or brittle after styling with this spray, and I’m noticing less overall damage to my locks.

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