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Tried and tested: Eye creams

Tried and tested: Eye creams

Each season beauty brands seem to have a discussion about which field to work on, resulting in one area being swamped with new launches. This time around it's the turn of eye creams, but do any of them actually do what they promise?

REN Instant Brightening Beauty Shot Eye Lift - 5/5

This is supposed to help with dark circles, puffiness and the general drooping of the eye area which unfortunately comes with age. It's been universally praised, and having used it it's easy to see why. When you apply it, it almost instantly tightens the under eye area, helping things look brighter and more lifted. It's not going to erase dark circles completely, but it will make things look a little fresher.

Bioderma Sensibio Eye - 2/5

This is an eye cream especially for people with sensitive eyes, such as those who wear contact lenses. It should help soothe and reduce puffiness, without leaving behind any irritation. I found it functional, but nothing to write home about. It did soothe the under eye area, but it didn't leave my skin feeling particularly moisturised or have any noticeable impact on puffiness.

Fresh Lotus Eye Gel – 2/5

While this refreshing gel did give my eye area a good amount of moisture, I can’t say it diminished the appearance of dark circles too much. This is what I was hoping for, so was disappointed that it didn’t. However Fresh products are known for being a real skin thirst quencher and on this front it was a winner.

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