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Tried and tested: Body exfoliators

Tried and tested: Body exfoliators

Buffing our body is a must for fresh looking skin, with exfoliators gently peeling off dead cells. It's essential for both pre fake tanning, and post tanning, as well as for anyone looking for a quick skin pick me up. We've road tested a few of the latest products out there for super soft skin.

Caudalie Paris Crushed Cabernet Scrub - 4/5

I love this luxurious scrub from Caudalie, it feels like you're washing yourself in brown sugar (without the stickiness!) It's gentle but still manages to remove dead layers of skin, leaving it soft and smooth afterwards. The smell is also gorgeous, it makes you feel like you're in a spa. The only downside is the price, but consider this is a little gift to yourself!

Palmers Cocoa Body Scrub - 3.5/5

For any Palmers lovers out there, you'll be in cocoa butter heaven with this scrub. Bucking the trend for fresh, citrus smelling exfoliators, Palmers has embraced its cocoa butter roots with this rich smelling formula. A little goes a long way, and it glided on easily in the shower. The scrub wasn't too harsh on my sensitive skin and polished away the dead cells with ease. The added shea butter and vitamin E ensured by skin felt totally moisturised and soft after. The smell is extremely strong though, so if you are not a fan of cocoa butter this is definitely not for you.

Sanctuary Spa Cooling Glacial Scrub - 4/5

The USP of this exfoliator is that it has "menthol technology" which should cool you down. It contains sea salt, aloe vera and cucumber water too, so the smell is fresh rather than cloying. There are a few things I liked about it; firstly that when you rub it in it lathers. That doesn't sound like much but so many products don't do that, and instead gather in gritty lumps at the bottom of the bath. This one transforms into a rich cream and it leaves your skin feeling nourished. Also a winner was the cooling sensation - great for when all you want to do is decrease your temperature on sticky days.

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