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Tried and tested: Beauty gadgets

Tried and tested: Beauty gadgets

Beauty gadgets are a big expenditure, so you don't want to get it wrong. While splashing out on a moisturiser which doesn't do much for your skin is no big deal, dropping hundreds on an electronic which doesn't live up to expectation is a nightmare. Here we look at some new ones on the block and decide if they're worthwhile.

Silk'n Reju Skin Rejuvenation and Anti Aging Device - 4/5

This anti-aging gadget has quietly been garnering a lot of attention and rightly so. As a 28-year-old, I’m yet to have any deep wrinkles or fine lines. However, my forehead seems to be showing expression lines more and more so I thought I’d give it a go. My skin instantly felt more uplifted and looked as though I’d had a really good facial. I've been using it for a few weeks now and the lines on my forehead have definitely diminished. It's also been lauded for tackling crow's feet and is a product worth the investment.

Clarisonic Pedi - 3/5

Anyone with just a hint of interest has heard of the facial cleaning brush Clarisonic. Well this is the firm's new release - a gadget to help you get rid of hard and scaly skin on your feet. There are many different settings you can test and the idea is to do a deep treatment twice a week and follow up with a smaller version daily. There is no doubt it works (my feet are certainly summer ready!) but it is a bit of a faff and the charge doesn't last that long. I'm not sure I'll always have the time to tackle my foot skin on a daily basis, but it still works well.

Clinique Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush - 4/5

Cleansing brushes have been big news for a while now and this is a more purse-friendly option than some which are on offer. I have a relatively good skincare regime so I can't say it's made my face look significantly better, but it does leave you feeling nice and clean after use. I also like that there are different bristles for the sensitive parts of your face, and it has a timer so you know when you're done.

Luster Pro Light Teeth Whitening System - 4/5

Getting your teeth whitened professionally is pretty expensive - a luxury not everyone can afford. It's notoriously hard to get effective home systems here in the UK, with many toothpastes and gels doing absolutely nothing. The Pro Light surprised me, as after a few uses my teeth definitely did look whiter. It's also great that short one-minute sessions are enough, meaning you can fit it into your busy routine easily. The batteries run out quickly and holding the device is a bit annoying, but these are small prices to pay.

Slendertone Face - 3.5/5

As a woman in her early 50s who isn't looking to turn to Botox for a quick fix, I was interested to see what this gadget had to offer. It was quite tricky to wear at first as it isn't the most comfortable thing to have on your face, but it isn't so bad once you find the right position. The pulsations become more bearable the more you use it (they make you feel tingly initially!) and although it's only been a couple of weeks so far, there is definitely a subtle difference to my complexion - fresher-looking cheeks being one change. However I'm not convinced it will make me look as youthful as I'd like to appear.

Ab-Tek Belt - 2/5

It's very clear that the girls pictured on the front of the box work out every day and use weights to get a muscular midriff rather than solely relying on a vibrating belt. It's very easy to wear and while it urges you to smother a good amount of conjunctive gel onto your stomach and the electro pads, you really don't need that much (I discovered this when it was too late). You can certainly feel your muscles moving and it's good to have different levels and settings to experiment with over time. Unfortunately though I wouldn't say it's worth the money and think sit-ups and general ab exercises will give better results.

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