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Tried and tested: Bath Bombs

Tried and tested: Bath Bombs

Whether you enjoy relaxing in the bath with candles or a good book, we'll bet you're always on the lookout for ways to spice up the water. Bubbles tend to fade pretty quickly, while oils are a little bit old lady. We prefer bath bombs, but where to go for the ideal fragrance?

Bomb Cosmetics' Bath Blasters - 5/5

These are so ridiculously cute! There's everything from an intricate flower decoration to a cupcake design to ones that spell out 'I Love You'. This means they make a gorgeous gift for anyone who deserves a little pampering. They dissolve fast in a warm bath and smell beautiful - just be aware that some will leave you covered in glitter (which I personally love!)

Lush's Granny Takes a Dip Bath Bomb - 3.5/5

I used this psychedelic looking bath bomb in two parts; the outside pink circle, and then the blue, orange and green middle. This came about purely by accident; as I was taking it out of the wrapper it broke off so I thought, 'Might as well get two goes out of this!' Bath number one (the pink bath) was brilliant. I felt like I was lying in a Barbie bathtub, full of girly pink water. The bomb fizzled away and then foamed up for a relaxing soak. The middle bit was a little less impressive, sending my water a murky green hue. However as it slowly fizzed it was fun to watch, with the bright shades bubbling away. Lush products can be overpowering when it comes to the scent, but I really enjoyed the hints of ginger, pepper and lemon which left me both relaxed and revived.

The Body Shop's Smoky Poppy Bath Bombs - 4/5

Part of The Body Shop's new Smoky Poppy range, these bath bombs are full of fragrance and make your tub smell like a field of flowers. They're so potent and frothy that half a bomb was enough to make the water feel nice and silky upon getting in. Some bath bombs don't dissolve properly and you're left with residue at the end, but I can safely say this disappeared nicely. While it makes the perfect Friday night luxury it's perhaps not an option for people with sensitive skin as the scent is a little overwhelming.

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