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Tried and tested: Antioxidant beauty

Tried and tested: Antioxidant beauty

You'll have heard a lot about antioxidants - they are the things which help your skin battle against the effects of things like pollution and sun damage. They also boost how effective your sunscreen is, which can help protect you from hyperpigmentation and ageing (some even firm skin). Used when you’re asleep, they enable cells to heal properly, plus they can help with inflammation and reduce the appearance of acne scars. Vitamins C and E and Resveratrol are all antioxidants - but do products boasting them actually work?

Voya Bright Eyes Regenerating Eye Creme - 4/5

This antioxidant eye cream is packed with goodness in the form of hand-harvested seaweed, vitamin C, aloe vera and rosehip oil. It's designed to bring tired eyes back to life by brightening and firming the skin. I used this morning and night, just before bed and right after getting up. Even hours after application the sensitive skin under my eyes felt soft and moisturised and it felt cool and calming to use. I haven't noticed massive changes in the appearance of my eyes, but I've been lucky enough not to suffer from dark circles much. If you do, this product would surely perk you right up!

DHC Resveratrol range - 4/5

This line includes a toner, essence (a bit like a serum) and cream and is supposed to help the skin's barrier retain moisture and protect from environmental damage. Japanese brand DHC is known for pushing beauty forward and it's come up trumps once again with this range. I have dry skin and the hydrating toner worked very well, used with the essence for a moisturising boost my skin was much more luminous and less tight than usual. The cream was fine too, but not as good as the other two products.

Rodial Super Acids Glycolic Cleanser - 4/5

Rodial has a real cult following, and it's easy to see why. Its products are packed full of skin loving ingredients, and results can be seen pretty quickly. The Rodial Super Acids Glycolic Cleanser kept any hint of oily skin at bay and left my skin feeling really fresh. The Super Acids range treads the line between science and spa perfectly, and this cleanser is no different. Any hints of redness also decreased.

Millabaci Face Exfoliant - La Recolte Des Fleur D'Orange - 3.5/5

Facial scrubs can either be gentle on your skin or a bit too rough, and while this one isn't the most enjoyable to use it does leave a soft finish. It promises to remove dead cells for a fresh complexion, and with so many antioxidant ingredients including citrus grandis (grapefruit) fruit extract (and many others which I can't even pronounce) it's certainly a versatile product. Not something I'd use regularly but good the morning after a night full of make-up.

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