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Trend to try: Vegan make-up

Trend to try: Vegan make-up

The word vegan has long conjured up a vision of hemp and sandals, at least until Beyonce outed herself as one. And for those living a ‘vegan’ lifestyle, and even if you’re not a part of the movement, vegan make-up is now increasingly available on the high street with products suitable for all pockets, from budget to luxury.

Some of the hottest hair and make-up brands are making vegan-friendly products, including names like Urban Decay, NYX and Milani and there are a multitude of reasons why you should consider picking up a cult vegan buy.

By choosing vegan beauty, products are free of all animal by-products including uric acid, beeswax and the like. The products are cleaner, have less ingredients in them and you can be confident that they have never been tested on animals, making them 100 per cent cruelty free.

And you won’t be compromising on quality or finish as vegan make-up typically contains high quality minerals and oils which are skin-friendly, and will lighten your chemical and ethical load.

Read on for our must-have vegan buys.

Urban Decay Naked Skin Shapeshifter

Urban Decay is one of the hottest cosmetics brands on the high street, and its Naked Palettes always cause a frenzy among beauty bloggers, and its new Shapeshifter three-in-one complexion palette is no exception. The luxurious three-in-one complexion palette provides everything you need to contour, colour-correct and highlight. One side contains three contour powders and one pearl shade for highlighting, and the other holds creams; two for cream contour, two for colour-correcting and one pearl shade for highlighting. It’s available in two colour ways – Light Medium Shift for light to medium skin tones and Medium Dark Shift for medium to dark skin tones – so Naked Skin Shapeshifter really has everybody covered.

Nailberry L’Oxygène

This range of of PETA approved, vegan friendly, halal certified nail lacquers has been developed to perfectly blend long wear, high-impact colour and a high-fashion glossy salon finish at home. The breathable L'Oxygène technology allows air and water vapour to pass through the colour to the nail, making it Halal-friendly and suitable for use by Muslim women who participate in “wudu”, a washing ritual performed before prayer that requires water to touch every part of the body.

Live in the Light Bordeaux Cherry - Petal Perfect Lipstick

A deep plummy red, this moisture intensive natural lipstick is made with rich butters, plant oils, and waxes to provide a smooth, creamy consistency. It’s free from silicone, dyes and artificial flavours as well the inclusion of glimmering minerals to impart natural shine and ensure long-lasting wear. The formulation includes organic rosehip seed oil which also repairs dry, damaged skin and promotes cell regeneration.

Live in the Light’s Luminous Eye Shadows

Choose from shades like Caffe Latte, a shimmering gold hue, Caribbean, a turquoise shade mimicking blue waters, and Black Tie, the inkiest of glittery black shadows, which are all made from finely milled micas and impart an illuminating glow. The versatile eyeshadows can be applied dry for soft, subtle colour, or wet for more vibrant intensity.

To create a soft dry line, dip an angled liner brush into the powder, tap it off and line your eyes. Or to create a liquid liner by wetting your brush and dipping it into the powder and make a paste on the back of your hand, or in the lid of the jar.

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