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Trend to try: Glitter roots

Trend to try: Glitter roots

Looking to try a statement hairstyle that really shines? Give glitter roots a whirl.

Photos of twinkly hairlines have swept social media recently, with the trend proving to be a great way to conceal regrowth or totally transform a bad hair day into a fun look in mere seconds. Some daring young celebrities have tried out the style, with model Gigi Hadid rocking silver glitter roots at the Met Gala and actress Dakota Fanning showing off sparkling electric blue roots to complement her icy blue eyeshadow and shimmering Dolce & Gabbana dress at a recent film premiere. To achieve glittery greatness for yourself, first style your hair into your desired hairdo, ensuring a precise parting. Then take a chunky glitter (finer particles are best avoided as they can be abrasive) in a colour of your choosing and mix with a heavy duty clear hair gel such as Garnier Fructis Style Endurance 24H Gel in a small pot or bowl. Proceed to take a sturdy brush, such as a paint brush or old foundation brush, and paint the glitter onto the hair carefully, spreading it no more than an inch away from your parting. Apply another coat of the glitter gel for more density of colour and perhaps even add a sprinkling of extra glitter in any areas that look a bit sparse.

If you’re feeling even more daring, pick up some sequins or tiny stars from a craft store and dot these across your hairline too, using a spot of hair gel to stick them on. Glitter roots tend to be more of a going out look, and are greatly versatile in that there are endless options as to which colours and combinations you can experiment with. And at the end of the night, the glitter will simply wash out – with the help of a cleansing shampoo.

In terms of colour choices, dusky pinks and rose gold glitters look great against brunette tresses while shiny silver matches nicely with blonde locks. But to avoid looking like you are going to a dance recital or costume party, make sure the rest of your make-up look is kept simple. Go for neutral coloured lipstick, a light dusting of powder or bronzer and minimal accessories when trying out this bold look.

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