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Treat your toenails with TLC

Treat your toenails with TLC

Toenails can often be neglected when they're covered with socks from autumn to spring, then when summer comes around it’s always a rush to get them ready for sandals.

You needn't leave preparation so late though - as any time is the right time to look after the tips of your toes.

Keeping them in shape is one of the most important factors and the best way to do this is with a nail file or toenail clipper. You want smooth, straight edges that allow a neat growth and don't cut into your skin. If you pick or clip away to drastically, this could lead to an ingrown toenail or bleeding under the nail. Ingrown toenails can be extremely painful and often need operations to treat, leaving your mobility reduced, and are spotted by symptoms such as swollen skin, pus, or fluid leaking from the area.

You should also keep your toenails looking clean and smooth, which you can do in a similar way as you would your fingernails. Soak your feet to soften the skin and then attend to your cuticles with a cuticle cream, pushing them down and smoothing them out.

However, if you spot fungus growing, or your nails are yellow or brown and cracking, you should seek a specialist's opinion and get a prescription to treat the problem.

Finally, give the tips of your toes some colour with a good coat of varnish. Just because they're not out in the winter doesn't mean they should go ignored and a splash of polish can give you a boost of confidence - even if you are the only person seeing them.

Be sure to use a base coat to prevent staining, and pop a top coat on to stop any chipping when rocking closed in shoes.

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