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Top tips to achieve subdued eyes

Top tips to achieve subdued eyes

Bold eye make-up is a thing of the past: it's all about the subdued look at the moment.

But how to go about creating it in the right way? After all, it's no easy task perfecting a 'barely there' look.

Lara Champion, make-up artist at Ken Picton, has shared her expert tips.

"Subdued eyes or a ‘no make-up’ make-up look can be a little tricky to achieve. To create subdued eyes you will need to use natural colours to make the most of your eyes to compliment the shape, colour, and also define at the same time, in a very natural un-made up way. The key to this is blending as much as you can!" she shared with Cover Media.

Denise Rabor, international make-up artist and founder of Wow Beauty, has also given her lowdown on exactly how to apply in order to get that relaxed feel.

"Start by applying a light eyeshadow to your eyelid with a flat stiff brush, blending over the entire lid, up to the eyebrow and into the socket," she explained. "Then take a slightly darker shade and brush from the outside of your eye to the middle blending in with the lightest shade.

"Next, using a slightly darker colour, brush some eyeshadow on the outside corner or your eye and under you lash line to create a gentle, smoky effect – make sure the blend all three colours so there are no harsh lines. This effect is also known as 'divided in thirds'."

So what colours are best? Lara recommends nudes, soft browns, creams and even pale greys that will highlight the crease of the eye as good choices.

However your natural skin tone also comes into play here, and some shades may not be suitable. Luckily Denise has suggestions on what to go for.

"For darker skin tones I like to use shades of caramel, toffee and chocolate, sometimes plum and aubergine shades can look great as well as they bring out the eye colour," she shared. "For pale skin tones shades of biscuit, taupe and soft grey look great as they are not too harsh against the pale skin."

Lara adds that you should always try and match the tones of make-up to the tones in your natural skin to keep the subtlety.

Once the eyeshadow is applied you don't want to ruin things by going heavy with other areas. Lara suggests adding one light layer of mascara to make lashes stand out, and rather than going for a liquid eyeliner use a dark eye pencil on the water line. Smudge the line to give a softer finish in keeping with the subdued feel.

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