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Top notch night creams

Top notch night creams

Skin renewal mostly occurs at night, making it the best time to care for your complexion.

Whether you are seeking brighter skin or extra hydration, we’ve scouted out a range of products which bring a new meaning to the term “beauty sleep”.

Here are some of our favourite new night products to hit the market.

Dry skin types

The best night creams hydrate and smooth while you snooze. To really balance your skin at night, look out for Formula 10.0.6 Overnight Hydrating Night Perfector. This light cream combines blackcurrant, liquorice, cranberry and aloe vera extracts to moisturise, and has a delicate, sweet scent. With a fast absorbing formula, lightly swipe a little of the product across the face, avoiding the eye area.

For a truly luxurious night cream, look no further than Lucia Magnani’s Rejuvenating Night Cream. This product has been formulated with antioxidants such as coenzyme Q10, Vitamin E, Vitamin C and Alpha-Lipoic Acid, with the unique combination working to renew facial skin and aid the natural microcirculation process. Apply on freshly cleansed skin, carefully dabbing on dry areas and across the T-zone. With an elegant gorgeous tortoiseshell-look container, this product will no doubt take pride of place in your bathroom cabinet too.

Combination skin types

When it comes to combination skin, it can be tricky to find products which strike the right balance. La Roche-Posay Toleriane Ultra Overnight Care is a great option, as it is especially formulated for sensitive, reactive skin prone to dryness. Enriched with neurosensine, niacinamide, carnosine and vitamin A, plus soothing thermal spring water – this product goes on really smoothly and feels a lot like a spa treatment. It doesn’t leave behind oily or shiny residue either. Another good idea for people with combination skin is to try a night mask. Germaine De Capuccini’s Night Success Renewal Mask uses highly active detoxifying ingredients, with the light, non-sticky texture forming an invisible film on the skin, capable of retaining water and restoring an optimal level of hydration. The mask will dissolve into the skin as you sleep – it’s best used two or three nights per week.

Oily skin types

While it may seem counterproductive, oily skin still needs moisturisation. Clinique’s Superdefense Night Recovery Skin Types 3/4 supports natural cellular recovery and contains antioxidants too. Or if you’re making a visit to your local beauty counter, look for SkinCeuticals' Renew Overnight Oily cream. This product crops up time and time again as a skin saviour, and uses botanical extracts to help clear congested areas.

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