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Top make-up artists on trends to retire

Top make-up artists on trends to retire

An overly-contoured look can be incredibly difficult to pull off in everyday life, warns a top make-up artist. Nathalie Eleni has worked with the likes of Angelina Jolie, Charlize Theron, Jessica Alba and Natalie Portman, and she was at the Venice Film Festival in September (15) working on stars' red-carpet looks. One thing she decided against was creating overly bronzed looks, as she fears they don't work as well off-screen as people think.

"Contouring for me - I don't think we need to retire it but I think it's a shame that people want to completely change their faces," she told Cover Media. "Everyone's got things they want to enhance or conceal, but to completely draw on your face, hard lines, I just think it's a shame. With contouring, I like to highlight more than I shadow. So highlight your cheekbones, add a bit of highlighter down the length of your nose so it's much softer, minimise your contouring. Just a little bit of soft bronzer under your cheekbones and in the socket of your eye, that kind of thing. People have become obsessed with it and full-on drawing on their faces and yeah, it can look amazing in a video, but in broad daylight that's going to be hard to pull off unless you've got a professional applying it."

The trend for strobing implies that Nathalie isn't the only person who is desperate for a new make-up trend. This is the art of drawing attention to the face via highlighter, with the make-up artist a big fan. Don't get her wrong though; she isn't suggesting we see the end of contouring all together.

"I mean, I think Kim Kardashian always looks amazing and the Kardashians always look amazing, but they're having it professionally applied and you can take some of that, but be happy in your own skin," she advised. "Don't change what's unique about you, maybe highlight and enhance rather than drawing dark shadows all over your face."

Another thing the expert suggests has got out of hand is fake eyelashes. Stars are rarely seen without them on the red carpet and many use them for everyday life too, causing their popularity to surge. While Braun spokesperson Nathalie enjoys mixing up her look with them, she suggests they can look dated. Therefore she believes in a more modern approach to boosting your lash line.

"I think false lashes are a great, fun way and I think if you want a really fun way (to use them), rather than having really heavy eyes and then loads of lashes, just go for lashes," she said. "Go for some really soft, fluffy lashes. If you are someone who wants to experiment a bit but don't want to go too crazy and aren't that confident, just adding literally some lashes and mascara you can make loads of impact but it still looks really fresh and fun and it's not too over the top. To then go with that and loads of eyeliner and everything else it's just clown make-up again."

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