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Tired and tested: metallic magic

Tired and tested: metallic magic

Whatever time of year it is, metallic shades are never far away from the beauty game. Whether you like to glow with gold, or keep things more subdued with just a hint of metal, we’ve got you covered in the chrome department.

Mary Kay Mineral Eye Colour Rosegold- 4/5

This lovely, totally on trend shade gives just a hint of sparkle without being too overpowering. It doesn’t give the boldest finish, so if you’re after a vivid hue you’ll need to look elsewhere. But after building it up slightly it gave my eyes a nice finish, especially when teamed with a pop of highlighter in the corners of my eyes. The staying power is pretty impressive and it lasted throughout the day. I was also impressed that the powder formula didn’t leave flecks of colour all over my face during application.

Lin&Lo Mineral Make-Up Wet & Dry Sparkling Eyeshadow in Forest Green - 4/5

This eyeshadow is perfect for ramping up a make-up look for a night out on the town. With a grey base and super-fine metallic green glitter particles, the product adds an instant touch of sparkle to the eyelids and really complements all eye colours. Sweep on with a fine, slightly damp brush for best results.

Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner in Metallic Umber – 4/5

With a gold-ish tint and soft application, this eyeliner adds the perfect metallic finish to my eyelids. I much prefer a stick over a liquid liner as my hand can get quite wobbly when putting on make-up, so this option is pretty foolproof and looks neat even if it’s not completely even. I haven’t tested its waterproof ability but I trust that it stays in place as it certainly lasts a while once on. With a spot of mascara on my lashes it makes the metallic shade pop even more and adds depth.

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