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Tired and tested: heat protectors

Tired and tested: heat protectors

In the age of straighteners it’s pretty hard to find someone who doesn’t over style their hair on a daily basis. But when blowdrying, straightening and tonging, it’s important that hair is protected against the onslaught of heat coming its way. We check out heat protectors are out there, and how well they really perform.

ghd Heat Protector Spray – 4.5/5

Since using a heat protector my hair is so much less split, with the hairdresser commenting what good condition it’s in. The latest spray I’ve been spirtzing is ghd’s which has been working wonders. Firstly it doesn’t leave any product residue, unlike others I’ve used. It can also be used layered with other products, keeping hair better held for ages. My ends are less split and therefore my whole look is less frazzled. And like all of ghd’s products, the design is sleek and sophisticated. A keeper for sure.

V05 Smoothly Does It Heat Protect Spray - 5/5

I've always picked up this heat protect spray and it's served me well over the years. With an easy to spray nozzle that doesn't require effort and a light spritz coverage, I'm not left with damp hair, but am guarded from my hairdryer and straightness enough to prevent sizzled ends. The bottle lasts for a long time too - I've had mine for a few months and have yet to buy a replacement, so I'm definitely getting my money's worth!

TRESemme Keratin Smooth Heat Protection Shine Spray - 4/5

No need for fancy salon heat protection sprays, this TRESemme product is my go-to for shielding my hair from the damaging effects of heat styling while also sealing in shine. Spray on damp, towel-dried hair, concentrating on the ends before gently combing through the product. I find this works wonders on my naturally frizzy hair, making it nice and smooth when blow-dried. A bonus is that the formula smells amazing, like a floral perfume, which scents the hair nicely.

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