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Tips to create catwalk make-up at home

Tips to create catwalk make-up at home

There's always the option of looking at catwalks for make-up trends, but more often than not they will be a bit too out there to pull off in everyday life. That's why we've spoken to a number of top make-up artists to get their takes on the biggest Autumn/Winter 15 trends.

Kicking things off we quizzed our group on the one standout look from the season.

"Use of warm toffee tones in shadows, blush, lips and nails," Beth Margetts, head of the London Hair and Make-up School, told Cover Media. "Create a soft warm look with your make up and give it a perfectly flushed feel with a cream blush rather than powder and barely there foundation."

Make-up artist Lauren Phelan cited the ever-popular strobing trend as her favourite of the season, particularly because people have been "embracing it wholeheartedly". The looks sees people adding some subtle shine to the areas of their face they want to glow, such as the cheekbones or cupid's bow.

Co-founder of Delilah Cosmetics, Rupert Kingston, got specific with his major hit, citing one of the catwalk looks from London Fashion Week and offering some tips on how to recreate it without breaking the bank.

"I really loved the look from Palmer Harding, dewy looking skin, fresh cheeks and a bitten lips, it felt so fresh and so British," he enthused. "Try using a luminising foundation like Time Frame Future Resist Foundation and apply lightly with fingers, leave it looking dewy by not powdering. Apply a plum lipstick to the apple of the cheeks and apply the same colour to the lips with a finger, no hard lines. Finish with two coats of black mascara."

On a more general note, Rupert suggested investing in some plum make-up this season. According to the expert it's one of the easiest ways to look on trend, with a matte purple eyeshadow finished with black liner or an amethyst lipgloss perfect options. If you really want to go for it, Beth suggested trying a "deep blackberry shade" on the lips, in homage to the black lipstick seen at Giles.

"I love metallics and they can look great on any age," Lauren added. "Use a cream shadow on the lash line up to the socket line lid and soften the edges with a clean finger. Always finish with lashings of mascara."

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