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This season's hottest nail shapes

This season's hottest nail shapes

There are so many options when it comes to your nails, so make sure to embrace them fully by getting clued up on the hottest shapes right now. We sum up the way you should be filing your fingertips for Autumn/Winter 2015.

Coffin/ballerina nails

They sound pretty strange but bear with us; you're going to be getting that file out as soon as you hear about this new shape. With a long finish and flat, square tip, they slightly resemble the top end of a coffin or the point of a ballerina's shoe. You'll need to let your nails grow for a bit or alternatively opt for falsies. Allow them to be rounded at the sides right up to the tip, where you'll file them straight across. You want a completely flat line, so take your time.

Exaggerated tips

The good thing about this look is you don’t have to spend hours growing your nails, which is good because when we say exaggerated we really mean it. For once the toned down version came from famously flamboyant Jeremy Scott, where models had their nails painted one shade and an oval tip stuck on in a contrasting one. To really get stuck in look to The Blonds though, where models wore nails so long they looked like talons. They were obviously fake and filed into a sharp point which sat a good two inches off the end of the finger, but that’s all in the fun. The longer the better with this, and make sure you accessorise with either bright varnish or metallic nail art – stars and swirls work well.

Short finish

For those worried about causing serious damage to their eyes when trying to take contact lenses out, fear not. Short nails are just as popular as long ones this season, with designers embracing the short finish during their Fashion Week shows earlier this year. Rodarte models rocked a short nude vibe, as did girls walking for Victoria Beckham - if that isn't enough reason to give this trend a go then what is? Use a pair of nail scissors to give a neat, even finish. Don't snip too far down as you could be at risk of an ingrown nail - work your way down until you have enough nail to file into a rounded finish. Make sure you tend to your cuticles as well, as less nail means more attention to the bottom.

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