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The smoky eye is about to get heavy

The smoky eye is about to get heavy

Make-up artist Pernille Buhl predicts the trend for heavier make-up is about to come back in a big way.

Summer make-up is generally associated with the less-is-more philosophy, with naturally tanned skin and freckles taking the place of foundations and powders. But Pernille, who works with GOSH Cosmetics, says we should get ready to shake things up.

"I think a lot of people are still into the brows. People are starting to paint their brows other colours; blue brows and pink brows. I think the more make-up look is coming back in. So people are about to put on more make-up than normal; it's a trend coming back. It involves being more bold," Pernille told Cover Media.

"Of course you can be more natural, but also allowing yourself to go back to doing a smoky eye and really going wild."

Pernille herself favours focusing on one piece of bold make-up, so a smoky eye without too strong a lip.

"But talking about something never going out of style, smoky eyes are perfect, a red lip: perfect. And if they're both done well, it looks perfect together," she smiled.

To achieve the perfect smoky eye, follow Pernille's top tips.

1. Product wise, you start out with a kohl eyeliner and you add it just around the lashes. You take a little hard brush and then you massage it out, so it's not that defined.

2. Then you start adding your eyeshadow. You don't have to do a smoky eye in black, you can do a smoky eye in any colour you want; it's just the technique called smoky eyes.

3. So you add the kohl in the colour you want, take it up towards the eyeball line. You make it intense in the bottom and less intense in the top.

4. Then you start adding eyeshadow in the bottom and you drag it out, upwards.

5. Finish with a lot of mascara. For me, smoky eyes don't have a flick - but some people like that. 

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