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The secrets to long-lasting perfume

The secrets to long-lasting perfume

No one likes to see a nearly-empty perfume bottle, especially when it’s one that was expensive or has been discontinued. If you want your fragrance to stay fresh and full for longer, make sure you’re looking after it.

Don’t leave them sat in warm, damp places, as the humidity in the air will break down the scent and reduce its quality. As soon as the liquid touches your skin you’ll notice a difference and there’s nothing worse than an amazing smell go off.

Keep them in cool spots and out of the light – perhaps in a drawer in your room a desk/surface away from your window. If your bathroom doesn’t steam up every time you shower or bath, why not pop them in your bathroom cabinet. Some people even stick them in the fridge to keep them cool and the notes intact, however, that’s no good when you come home from a big food shop only to find the bottom drawer of your fridge full of fragrances.

Now you know the secret to keeping the bottle fuller for longer, here’s some fun ways you can apply perfume to get the most out of it while using little.

Dab Vaseline or an unscented lotion to the spots where you want to apply the perfume so the spritz will stick easier.

Or, if you want it everywhere, spray the perfume on straight after you’ve got out of the shower so it catches your damp skin, and as you dry the smell will lock in. This method also prevents perfume marks being left on your clothes when you apply afterwards.

Don’t rub perfume in – simply dab it to prevent the top notes from being disrupted by the contact of skin to skin. You needn’t cover yourself all over either as some vital spots will do enough to keep you smelling fabulous for hours. These include the wrists, neck, below midriff and behind your knees, all of which are warm areas that will help spread the scent around your body by diffusing it.

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