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The secret to straight hair

The secret to straight hair

Sleek, straight hair has been the dream for many of us ever since we got our hands on our first pair of proper straightening irons. But even if you've splashed out on the right tools it can be hard to get your hair poker straight and keep it that way. That's why we've asked the experts for their top tips and rounded up our favourite straighteners to get the job done.

Experts from Nicky Clarke Electricals recommend starting with freshly-washed hair, then using a towel to pat and squeeze out moisture rather than roughly drying.

"Spritz your hair using a heat protector spray, then using your desiRED dryer with black pearl, blow your hair downwards to ensure it stays sleek and straight," the hair gurus advised Cover Media. "Use a brush simultaneously with the dryer to guide your hair down. Ensure your dryer is on a low setting to avoid your hair becoming frizzy and flyaway. Plus, as an added bonus this is less damaging!"

Despite what you might think, drying hair on the highest setting won't actually leave it any sleeker.

"After your hair is dry, move on to straightening using the desiRED straightener. The straightener has a digital temperature control making it easy to control how hot you go!" they continued. "Once again, use your straightener on a lower setting. Although you may need to go over your hair a few more times, ultimately this will leave you with a sleeker finish. It is actually kinder to your hair to go over the same strand more times on a lower heat as opposed to going over the same strand less times on a higher heat. The Moroccan oil infused within the straightener helps create that ultra-sleek style."

Styling with heat opens up the cuticles, which allows hair to be pressed into a straight form. If you want to make sure it stays straight, blast it with cold air after and finish with a straightening serum.

Our pick of the best: Straighteners

H2D VI Wide Hair Straighteners

Why we love them - These straighteners have extra wide plates, which is great for anyone with very long, thick hair. The infrared heaters mean the heat goes straight to the cortex of the hair, protecting the cuticles and minimising damage to your locks. We also love how easy it is to adjust the heat, meaning you can go as hot as you like (up to 230 degrees Celsius).

Nicky Clarke desiRED Wide Plate Straightener

Why we love them - The red design is eye-catching for a start - they look great on your dressing table! Independent research also showed that many women preferred theirs to GHDs, so it's hard to argue with that. The plates are infused with Moroccan oil, leaving hair super glossy. You can go up to 230 degrees Celsius with these.

Mark Hill Straight Up Straightener

Why we love them - These are fab for anyone on a tighter budget who doesn’t want to compromise on performance. They heat up fast to 200 degrees Celsius and the ceramic-coated plates mean you can say goodbye to fly-aways. They're slim, making them perfect for shorter, fine hair and styling fringes.

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