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The secret to beachy waves

The secret to beachy waves

Waves are one of the easiest looks to rock when you're in a field, as they require very little maintenance once they're in place. But you don't need to be in the great outdoors listening to your favourite band to embrace them as waves can be seriously stylish anywhere - but only if you get them right.

We spoke to hair expert Stephanie Pollard to learn the secret of wow waves.

"It's not that easy. You have to style it to look beachy, you have to style it to make it look unstyled," Stephanie smiled to Cover Media from her Chelsea studio (

She has two secrets for achieving the relaxed curl look; tonging and shaping the front of the hair.

"It's all in the technique - it's not about the pageant curls," she warned. "You don't want it to look contrived. You have to tong it then and mess it up.

"The secret to tonging it is to just do the middle section and actually you're leaving the ends straight. So you take it and literally just go to the centre and you're holding the ends out straight. That makes a big difference to if you curl it all the way down."

Her weapon of choice is always GHDs, favouring a fat barrel that is the same width from the top to the bottom.

"It can't be narrow towards the bottom," she pointed out.

"Use a spray, the GHD one is good, and practise creating the shape with the tongs. Once you get there, you get it."

The next step is framing your face.

"The other secret with tonging is it's all about the shape at the front. If you get the front right, then everything sits well," Stephanie revealed.

"Take the front section, pull it forward then tong it away from the face. And just do the middle bit again."

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