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The power of pumpkin

The power of pumpkin

Is pumpkin seed oil the new coconut? That's the question on many health and beauty experts' lips. Coconut has become the magic word in both natural beauty and cooking, with stars like Miranda Kerr and Kim Kardashian swearing by it for everything from preparing food to a night-time hair mask. It also works wonders directly applied to the skin.

But like everything in the beauty arena, coconut oil has a shelf life. And it seems pumpkin seed oil is poised to take over, with health guru Gwyneth Paltrow already said to be a huge fan.

As well as making skin glow, pumpkin seed oil is being hailed for its mood enhancing benefits and helping to ease menopause symptoms. Oh and don't forget how shiny it can make your hair.

The amazing, and seemingly endless, list of benefits is all thanks to its high vitamin content. Pumpkin seeds are packed full of vitamin A, K and E, plus minerals and fatty acids. The high zinc content in particular, mixed with the vitamin E, is great for skin complaints and can help with acne and scarring. It also maintains skin renewal.

Add the actual seeds to dishes like soups and salads while also using the oil in your bathroom to get the best effects. It's especially apt this time of year, with Halloween just around the corner.

Oskia has turned to pumpkin enzymes for their brilliant skincare properties. The ingredient is key in the brand's Renaissance Cleansing Gel, a gel-to-oil formula that removes impurities, brightens and illuminates the complexion.

Erborian fuses traditional South Korean beauty remedies and French luxury, and is also utilising pumpkin seeds in its products. Its Pink Perfect Crème provides sheer facial coverage and gives a luminous finish. Make room beside your BB and CC cream for the PP variety. It also refines texture and helps to set make-up.

Lush is getting in on the Halloween act with spooky new offerings for 2015. The Pumpkin Heebie Jeebie set includes the brand's Sparkly Pumpkin bubble bar and Lush favourite Lord of Misrule bath bomb, all encased in a cute pumpkin. Glam yet ghoulish!

For a pumpkin infused detox, try Chris James 3R Cleanse. Following on from the yoga expert's 12 Days Cleanse, this condensed version provides sachets for a three-day cleanse containing body-boosting ingredients like pumpkin, chia seeds and ginger.

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