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The new big brows

The new big brows

Put the tweezers down, big eyebrows are back in fashion! Thanks to the likes of Cara Delevingne, us girls can now feel confident knowing that the bushier the brow, the better.

But how to go about creating this look if you haven't got them naturally?

It may sound like a childish approach, but stencils are actually a great way to get the perfect shape if you don't trust yourself to draw it. You can purchase these in either your local pharmacy, online or why not print some out yourself and cut them to size?

If you buy a pack, there should be the option of a long and luscious brow. Make sure that when you hold it up your natural brow fits into the gap provided (you don't want to be adding a whole extra eyebrow above your current ones) before filling in the gaps. To keep it in place it's best to put a finger either side, as this will stop it from slipping.

Of course this is an option for those who don't have the steadiest hand, so if you do feel confident in creating your own shape then don't feel obliged to use a stencil!

For those without templates, take your brush and place it alongside your nose to pinpoint the spot where your brows should start. As for where they should ideally end, tilt your brush so one end is on the outside of your nose while the other reaches towards the corner of your eye and mark this area (it should be roughly a 45 degree angle).

Using a brush will ensure an accurate and soft application.

First you'll want to use a spoolie brush and brush your brows upwards so you can spot any uneven patches or areas with less hair. Once observed, take your product of choice. There are powders and gels which are ideal for this step, as you want something which gives you the freedom to glide over your brows. More importantly select the shade which matches your natural brows and is as close as possible to your hair colour.

With an angled brush, move over the eyebrows and create depth, leaving the inside corners and ends a little more relaxed to give a natural finish. If you can't tackle all the spots, fill in the gaps with a pencil. Then brush over them again to ensure even courage, and complete with a clear or coloured gel - just make sure the shade matches!

Just wait until you see how natural they look afterwards.

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