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The layage effect

The layage effect

Move over dip dyes – there’s a hot new hair colouring trend sweeping the salon scene.

Hailed as the most flattering highlighting method to hit the market, layage is a method of dying hair used by stylists to achieve a very controlled ombre effect.

To get the layage look, hair is laid out on a specially designed board and hand painted with colour. As the hair is flat, the hairstylist is able to keep sections separate and better judge where the dye should be placed.

The result is a cohesive blend of complimentary tones that create dimension and depth, whether it be natural highlights or a more intense colour.

If you're blonde, you can go for a blended sun-kissed look like model Gigi Hadid, but if you’re darker, layage can be used to lighten your ends like Victoria’s Secret model Lily Aldridge or actress Jessica Alba. Other celebrities who have embraced this look include Miranda Kerr, Drew Barrymore and Rihanna.

Katie Allan, Creative Manager at Charles Worthington, told Cover Media the layage method results in a gradient effect which gives more subtle results than the popular balayage process.

Katie added that the result from layage is very natural looking and regrowth is less obvious - a bonus for those who are considering experimenting in the coming months.

“The dye will slowly fade and grown out – continuing to give the natural sun kissed look,” she added.

Little ongoing maintenance is required to keep up the colour, all you really need to do is protect it by using colour protecting shampoo and conditioner and regular treatments.

Katie also said that both blondes and brunettes can get great results with the technique but she finds the highlights show up better on darker hair.

However, she advised that the hair needs to be past shoulder length to really work.

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