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The jet wash peel

The jet wash peel

Remember when getting a facial peel was a painful process that left your skin red raw? Yes we’re looking at you Samantha Jones from Sex and the City! Well not any more. With evolving technology, facial peels are now quick, simple, and (dare we say it) even relaxing. The latest peel to catch our eye is the Hydra Peel Infusion, which has been dubbed the facial jet wash. It’s already a favourite of model Alessandra Ambrosia, and we wanted to find out why.

“It’s almost like a jet wash, we’re getting it cleansed,” smiled Dr Simon Zokaie, Medical Director at London’s Linia Clinic, to Cover Media. “It uses high flow oxygen (patented technology) with micro droplets of different vitamin infusions.

“We use the saline first, which is salt water. So even if you don’t want anything else, we can do a nice cleanse with saline.”

Using Natura Studios’ Hydra Peel machine, the speedy process starts with a lymphatic massage with the saline solution being sprayed across the face using air pressure at an extreme velocity in precise strokes, draining toxins from the skin and detoxifying it. The technician then gets a bit closer to do a deep cleanse.

“So you’ve heard of microdermabrasion, this is hydradermabrasion; there’s no abrasiveness, no redness,” Dr Zokaie explained.

Then, depending on your skin’s needs (dryness, acne, scars) a vitamin, in serum form, is chosen. Combinations may also be used. Using the high pressure wash again, the solution is infused into the skin.

Dr Zokaie points out that the process is like mesotherapy, with one noticeable difference.

“Mesotherapy uses injections of vitamins underneath the skin,” he started. “It’s painful, it’s uncomfortable and sometimes we have to put anaesthetic on. You have to do 50 to 100 injections on one side of the face.

“With this, it’s a bit like mesotherapy with needles, but it’s hydratherapy with no needles. It’s using the same vitamins but they come in a serum form, and instead of injecting it, we infuse it.”

The infusion stretches the muscles in the skin apart, which makes openings in the skin. Then the micro droplets go in and fuse, using high pressure, into the skin.

“So there is no redness, no down time, no pain, patients are very comfortable when they are lying down,” the skin expert smiled.

As well as this, other advantages of the peel include being able to wear make-up straight away and skin not becoming more sun sensitive. Though, as a dermatologist, Dr Zokaie recommends always wearing sunscreen when outside in the day.

The peel will need to be undergone every four to six weeks, and is the perfect face treatment to have before a big event due to the lack of side effects. It can also be used on other parts of the body, promoting cellular growth and repair, lessening stretch marks and giving a deep exfoliation.

“This combines mesotherapy, microdermabrasion and oxygen therapy in one treatment with no down time. That’s what we’ve been looking for years and years,” Dr Zokaie summed up. “And this one device gives me all of that in one go. And what’s better is that it works, and patients feel the benefits straight away. They can feel the tingling, they can feel the moisturisation and feel more radiant, more refreshed and revitalised.”

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