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The difference between highlighting and strobing

The difference between highlighting and strobing

With so much jargon in the beauty industry it can be hard to understand what’s what, let alone begin to know about how to do it.

Take highlighting and strobing for example; both involve using lighter products, but what is the actual difference between the two techniques? We’ve called upon some industry experts to give us the lowdown on these looks.

Karla Powell, MUA Brand Ambassador and international make-up artist, gets straight to the point when explaining the key points of each.

“The difference between highlighting and strobing can be confusing, but ultimately the easiest way to differentiate between the two is that highlighting is placed on concentrated areas that light would naturally hit such as the top of your cheekbones and is paired with a darker contour product,” she told Cover Media. “Whereas strobing is an illuminating technique that stands alone, with a more dewy fresh finish to the whole face.”

So how did strobing suddenly become such a hot trend?

“Thanks to social media the term 'strobing' has caught on like wild fire amongst beauty lovers, most recently making an appearance on the Runway for Autumn/Winter 2016 looks,” celebrity make-up artist Gina Badhen added.

"Strobing is the application of light reflective products in a shimmery powder or cream base to accentuate your features. The aim is to create the illusion of a contoured face without the use of brown shading."

Now we know the difference, it's time to find out what products are best to create these looks. Karla suggests powders and creams that set, like MUA Luxe Beam Cushion, for highlighting, whereas liquids and creams, like MAC Strobe Cream, are best for strobing as they can be mixed easily with other beauty essentials like a primer to create the ideal glowing finish.

"Simply add a few drops (of your strobing product) to your foundation, (then) blend out over the face with a stippling brush," Karla explains. "For extra strobe effect place your liquid highlighter down the centre of the face, cheekbones, temples and cupids bow, blending out again to make sure there are no visible lines."

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