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The cost of plumped up pouts

The cost of plumped up pouts

It seems bigger is better when it comes to lips right now, but how can we keep on trend without risking our health?

Kylie Jenner – the 17-year-old sibling of Kim Kardashian – is currently attracting a great deal of attention due to her pumped up pout. Teenage fans of the reality TV star have apparently been resorting to drastic measures to recreate the look. Dubbed the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge, girls have been using bottles as a suction device to add volume to their mouths - putting themselves at risk of serious infection, oedema, bruising, uneven lips and nasty cuts.

Kylie condemned the dangerous trend and has now finally admitted to having cosmetic procedures in the form of fillers. Dr Joney De Souza, of the Dr Joney De Souza Aesthetic Clinic, talks us through the current obsession with plump lips and offers advice for those considering cosmetic assistance.

“For safe non-surgical lip augmentation, we need to consider two aspects: product and technique. In relation to products, hyaluronic acid is the first choice, as it is a naturally-occurring, temporary substance and the top products on the market produce fantastic, natural results,” Dr Joney,, told Cover Media. “However, I would say that the technical aspect is the most important. The process starts with a comprehensive assessment, looking not only at the lips but at the area around the lips that also naturally loses volume as we age. Balance between upper and lower lip also counts.

“The use of gadgets or sucking in plastic bottles will produce an overall swelling of the lips, most often distorting the lips, rather than producing an aesthetically-balanced result.”

Kylie had previously insisted her voluptuous lips were created with make-up tricks, claiming she spent hours perfecting her pout. So how much difference can lip liner really make when it comes to supersizing our smile?

Mary O’Harrington, make-up artist for Gina Conway Privé, has plenty of tips for luscious lips.

“The easiest way to make them look bigger is to ensure you blend your foundation all over your lips, starting with a blank canvas,” she told Cover Media. “Using a lip pencil, fill in the outer lips. Alternatively you can also use a highlighter on the Cupid's bow of your lips. Using a lip brush fill in the lips with your lipstick.

“I always recommend lighter shades of reds and pinks to my clients - avoid really dark colours as these tend to makes lips look smaller, and lighter shades make the lips look bigger and draw attention to them.

“Always blot and reapply the lipstick which will make it last much longer. A great touch to finish is to add a gloss all over the lips to really make them pop. Beautiful!”

Some people decide make-up isn’t a permanent enough solution and, like Kylie Jenner, have injectable dermal fillers.

If you’re considering augmentation, Dr Joney urges people to proceed with caution.

“It is important to keep in mind that overblown, overfilled lips are not a great look, by whatever means or treatment,” the expert warned. “A good lip augmentation will consider the aspects we mentioned but also the face, body frame and even the individual's personality and style. One approach doesn’t fit all, especially when talking lips.”

There’s plenty of lip plumping creams available if you don’t have patience to sit and apply lip liner and you want to avoid needles.

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