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The colours to go for in 2016

The colours to go for in 2016

New Year means new make-up, every beauty lover knows that (any excuse, etc.). But what should you be looking for? Contouring powders and floating liner are so 2015 after all and no one wants to rock up at the office for the first time in 2016 looking decidedly passé. To help, we asked a group of experts about the colours which will stand you in good stead this year (16) – if you can get the shade right, all else will follow.

“I've been seeing a lot of cooler colours which makes such a nice change,” make-up artist Lauren Alice told Cover Media. “Cool lavenders, mauves and greys look amazing on any eye colour and team really well with a bold dark lip.”

Co-founder of Delilah Cosmetics, Rupert Kingston, is all about the eye as well. “Always smoky eyes; instead of using black shadow why not try a deep jewel green?” he said. “First line inside the water line, both top and bottom, with a black kohl. Then smudge the shadow all around the lash line, above and below. Finish with plenty of mascara.”

Mariam Jensen, Makeup Expert at Airbase Makeup, suggested greys, blacks and berry colours as the right options, while London MakeUp School Manager Beth Margetts likes toffees, peaches and blackberry shades.

There are a lot of options there, so if it seems overwhelming, think about the occasion. For a relaxed look at the office toffee eye make-up will look natural, or you can ramp it up a bit which shades of lavender or mauve. All you need with both looks is some grey liner and black mascara and you’re done.

The berry shades a lot of the experts discuss are perfect on the lip – deep purple, red or burgundy. Team with mascara and a little pink blush for a modern look.

We also asked about one look the group thought all women should try at least once in their lives and the answer was overwhelming: a red lip.

“I think a beautiful red lip is so empowering, it’s like putting on high heels without the pain!” Mariam enthused.

Lauren added: “There's a shade out there for everyone. It's just a case of taking the plunge and trying it. If you're feeling intimidated try patting it into the lips to wear it like a sheer stain and build up the colour as you get more confident.”

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