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The bun mohawk has landed

The bun mohawk has landed

There's a hot new adventurous hairdo for those looking for something more eye-catching on a night out - the bun mohawk. While it sounds extreme, the finish is actually super stylish as well as being perfect for the warmer weather, when you want to keep hair off your neck.

It was a hit on the Marc Jacobs runway during the label's Spring/Sumer 15 show, so if you want to have a go at rocking this look, read on.

To begin with, wash your hair as you usually would and let your tresses air dry - this will make them easier to handle than if blow-dried.

You'll need some help in getting texture once your hair is dry, as this style takes a lot of manipulating. A dry finishing spray, such as Bumble and Bumble Dryspun Finish or Redken Quick Dry Finishing Spray, will add just the right amount of volume without being too hard to handle.

Dividing comes next, as you split your hair into four different horizontal sections, from the top of your head going down to your neck - use clips and slides to keep everything in place. Give each area of hair a good brush and tie them into mini ponytails using thin scrunchies which are easily disguised.

So now you've got the right base, it's time to turn the ponys into buns. You can either go for a neat knot or a messy one, depending on your mood and the overall look you're going for, but either way - make sure you secure it with bobby pins. A bit of an unkempt finish will add to the mohawk effect if that's what you desire, and leaving some of the ends sticking up will add that extra oomph.

After all four of the knots are secure, go back to your spray and apply to the tips of your buns for extra texture.

If you have hair around your face/hair line that isn’t quite long enough to put up, why not pull it forward onto your forehead, like you'd see on someone who has a real mohawk - rock'n'roll!

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