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The best winter lip saviours

The best winter lip saviours

It's easy to forget your lips are actually skin, so they need moisturising like the rest of your face. Finding the right product can be a chore though, as some seem to make the flaking worse rather than better and others are too scented or the wrong colour. We take some of the stress out of the job by road testing the newest balms around.

Balmi Super Cube Metallic Blackcurrent

Balmi has been creating cult lip products for ages - if you haven't used one yet they are the square pots which have triangular balms inside. The shape makes them easy to apply and the packaging is secure so you don't run the risk of a balm covered in fluff in your bag. This one is from the company's new range of metallics and it's a bright purple, which I love. It is nourishing without being too thick and the effect lasts, but I could have done with more of a blackcurrant scent.

Clinique Superbalm Lip Treatment

Thick but not sticky, moisturising without being too wet - these are the qualities you want in a good winter lip balm. I'm pleased to say this product ticks both boxes and leaves my lips feeling nourished for a long time after application. As it's only a small tube it would be a shame if it was a case of constantly re-applying, but it looks like those who made it know a little goes a long way so there's no fear of it running out quickly. Plus it's the perfect size to fit in your pocket - an all round beauty must-have.

Dr Bronner's Magic Organic Lip Balm

I'm currently on medication that makes my lips drier than the Sahara and am going through tubes of Carmex like no one's business. Because of the dry factor I was hesitant to try anything new, but was really impressed with Dr Bronner's Magic balm. It glides on easily and instantly moisturised my lips. It also didn't disappear too quickly, only needing a top up every few hours. It worked well on the corners of my mouth too, which also get dry. For me the organic aspect is neither here nor there, but it's a great plus if you like your products to be all natural.

Anatomicals Stop Cracking Up Lipbalm

I love this little pocket-sized wonder from Anatomicals! The lipbalm comes in a cute tube plastered with funny sentences like "we only want you for your body". The product itself is also fab, coming out like a lipgloss rather than a balm. It's really soothing and will protect your lips all winter long if you're prone to suffering from chaps and cracks.

Bee Good Raspberry & White Chocolate Lip Balm

This amazing little product is made by British bees and smells completely delicious. It's fruity and rich and nourishes lips while also making them kissable. It comes in a cute tube that is so tiny it will fit in any pocket.

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