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Textured tresses in a flash

Textured tresses in a flash

The recent Fashion Weeks are always a major beauty inspiration and time and time again we see gorgeously textured hair hit the runway. But how can you create that bounce and volume without the help of a professional stylist?

First off, think about all the tools you already have at your disposal. The way you dry your hair can have a massive impact, especially if you use a diffuser. Try Toni & Guy's Salon Professional Collection Compact AC Power Dryer with the Salon Professional Collection Universal Diffuser after washing your hair. This will add body without disturbing any natural waves or curls you may have and won't cause frizz either. Make sure hair is towel-dried first, then protect against heat with a specialised spray. Next, brush through it using the Wet Brush, available exclusively at Sally Express. This is better than using a normal hairbrush, as it removes tangles without damage, even when your hair is wet and at its most vulnerable. Use your dryer on a medium setting, as heat can make a diffuser less effective.

But a hairdryer isn't the only styling instrument you can use to create texture. Straighteners may not be the first beauty gadget you think of, but wrapping random strands around the hot plates and gently pulling down creates a gorgeous light wave. Or try Diva Pro Styling's Beach Curls Wand and Crimpers. The plates of the crimper and barrel of the wand are infused with Argan oil and both give professional looking texture to limp hair.

Not got a lot of time to spend on styling? This is when you need texture in a bottle. Once you've found a miracle spray that's right for you, you can also keep it in your handbag for touch-ups throughout the day.

TRESemmé Runway Creation Sprays were used backstage at New York Fashion Week and Max the Volume and Make Waves are two products from the range that give hair natural, flexible texture and body.

Sally Express also offers the Rusk Designer Blofoam Root Lift, which adds bounce and body right from the roots of the hair. Or, if your hair is in need of a wash and you don't have time, dry shampoos can be the answer for instant texture. Bouffe dry spray soaks up excess oil and acts like a blow dry in a bottle. It also comes in six different colours, which means you'll be able to find one that matches the shade of your hair.

"For hair that is not freshly washed, sprinkle boost powders throughout the lengths of your hair (not just the roots) as this soaks up excess moisture. Dry shampoos work in a similar way and tend to work well as a hair primer before you apply boost powder," advises Harper Gill, salon director at McQueen Gill.

With summer holidays on the distant horizon, maybe it's time to consider a beachy, textured look too. This is great for girls who favour a low-key beauty routine or are planning on shielding their hair from heat for a while. REF Ocean Mist spray, available via Hair Thinking, is applied on damp hair, from about four to five inches away. Get the look by twisting strands around your fingers after use and then air drying or using a diffuser.

"A salt spray is the quickest route to get to textured hair. Apply to hair when damp and then brush your hair at the roots in all different directions while blow drying. This technique is essentially drying your hair at the roots whilst the constant hair movement creates a rough/volumised texture whilst drying," Harper adds.

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