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Tan your way to bridesmaid perfection

Tan your way to bridesmaid perfection

Being a bridesmaid is nearly as amazing as being a bride because although you're not the centre of attention, eyes will be on you throughout the ceremony and following party.

While you don't want to upstage the bride - the ultimate wedding faux pas - you do want to look your absolute best for not only yourself but for the pictures too.

One of the easiest ways to up your bridesmaid game is by getting a spray tan. Adding a touch of bronze to your skin will make your complexion glow, and stop any pasty limbs from ruining the snaps.

"I think tans make people really confident, enhance their natural skin tone - our tans never make you go darker than you would anyway so it's a really natural and nice way to make your skin glow for a special day," Vita Liberata tanning expert Clara explained to Cover Media.

A Vita Liberata can last up to seven days, but the optimum time to get one before a big event is a day or two before, a sentiment echoed by the tanning professionals from St. Tropez too.

And to prolong your spray tan, moisturise daily with an oil-free moisturiser.

"It's best to get it done as close as possible to the event so you take fewer showers," Clara continued. "When you're showering, make sure you avoid any oil-based shower products, and that will make the tan last longer.

"Wait at least eight hours before the first shower, but if you can, try to wait 12 hours. Shower until the water runs completely clear to make sure you've got all the guide colour off you."

Clara also suggests drinking lots of water after getting the tan, as hydrated skin will hold the pigment better. And eating lots of leafy green vegetables is a good idea too, as they heighten the lysine in the body which also helps to make the tan last longer.

And lastly, a spray tan isn't just for a summer function, as they work perfectly at winter nuptials as well.

"We do different shades, so you can go a little bit lighter for a natural glow in the winter. It's just a nice way to enhance your skin at all times of the year," the tan pro shared.

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