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Tan in ten: Get a gorgeous glow in seconds

Tan in ten: Get a gorgeous glow in seconds

Fake tan can be difficult to apply unless you have the time to get it right, and correcting mishaps can be even more frustrating and time-consuming. But with the amazing range of instant make-up on the market, you can now get a gorgeous glow in seconds. We run through our tips on how to tan in ten.

While you don’t have to prep your skin as much as you would if you were applying fake tan, it’s a good idea to run through a couple of simple steps to avoid any patchiness with the make-up. Fake Bake’s Global Creative Consultant James Harknett said: “My top tip for wash off tanning is prime the skin first. Moisturise say the legs for example very generously. Wash off tan dries fast, which is ideal if you require that look right then and now. But a fast drying tan can leave you slightly uneven in places.

“Moisturising first allows your wash off tan to glide effortlessly over the skin for a catwalk ready finish.”

You then need to decide what kind of instant tan you’d like to try – cream/gel, spray or mousse. A cream/gel is a good option if you want a more subtle finish, as you can mix with a cream moisturiser to get a lighter look. Give Sun Believable’s BRONZE ME a go – this versatile, express tan gives you instant colour so you can “tan and go” without worrying about patchy legs or orange palms. Another good choice is Ambre Solaire’s Wash Off Bronzer Gel Shimmer – just remember when you have a shower not to use white towels as they will probably be left with a few marks!

A mousse is another way of getting an instant tan but can sometimes leave you with stained hands so it’s a good idea to use a tanning mitt to apply. Considering the trend for all things matte, Rimmel now have a Self Tan Mousse in their Sun Shimmer range in a Medium Matte shade – perfect for a tan without any shimmer

A spray is a good choice if you want instant tan make-up for a part of your body that’s hard to reach – such as your back. Give L'Oreal’s Paris Sublime Bronze Express Pro Spray a try; it’s available in different shades to get the perfect finished look. Or try celebrity favourite Fake Bake’s Airbrush Instant Tan for a stunning deep glow.

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