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Swot up on hair serum

Swot up on hair serum

You don’t need much extra time to run a serum through your hair and just a tiny amount can transform the way your tresses look and feel.

It’s a silicone-based liquid that simply coats your strands, so it doesn’t make any difference to the way your hair grows or the structure; it’s simply an extra addition.

And there are so many options to choose from catering to all types of locks, though it seems the main achievement of serum is to leave shiny, healthy and tangle-free results, while protecting your hair from any nasties in the air.

But to save you picking a product that doesn’t suit your type of tresses, we’ve found the best choices for particularly difficult to tame hair.

Frizzy folk are up first as anything from rain to humidity can cause their hair to go from smooth and silky to looking as though they’ve been electrocuted.

Bed Head Control Freak Serum is a saviour for frizz-prone locks and is applied before styling to ensure your finished ‘do remains intact as the hours roll on. It’s been praised for not leaving any stickiness or greasiness behind and with just a little needed, the bottle it will last for ages.

SachaJuan Shine Serum is the Jack of all trades of serums, designed for all sorts of locks from wavy to curly. It adds shine, protects from heat damage and it also hides the signs of split ends, which can ruin your entire appearance if left untamed. Again, it’s applied before styling on wet hair and just let it sink in before going about your usual business.

Perhaps one of the most reliable and versatile brands for serum is John Frieda, whose Frizz Ease range really does have something for everyone. The Original 6 Effects Serum is another multitasker, protecting and smoothing, as well as hydrating and protecting from heat AND humidity. Your hair should be “soaking wet” on application and it can be run down the strands from just below the roots, with the amount depending on how much hair you have.

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