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Sweat-free fringe

Sweat-free fringe

For those of you who have full bangs, summer can be a right pain. Hot days and nights mean a lot of perspiration, resulting in a not-so-hot sweaty fringe. However, you can make sure your hair looks good even in the warmer weather with our tips on how to stop your bangs from ruining your summer look.

When in the shower, shampoo like normal, but avoid your fringe when it comes to the conditioning part. Conditioner is known to make roots greasy, which is why it's recommended to start from the mid-lengths to the ends of your hair. That’s why if you smother it all over your bangs, you're not in for a pretty sight in the heat - the more they're weighed down, the more they'll stick to your forehead.

You need to prep your fringe carefully too and may have to switch up your normal routine when the heat strikes. If you normally blow dry your fringe straight you're basically asking for the hair to stick to your sweaty skin, so you might want to consider a bouncier finish. Use some argan oil and blow dry serum before styling as these will keep your fringe lightweight.

Dry shampoo is your best friend in the summer too, as it will freshen things up between washes and is especially helpful when you're on the go. Spritzing a little underneath the fringe will dry your hair out and lift it.

Don't be ashamed to admit defeat and pin your fringe up though as sometimes, it just isn't worth the effort trying to keep it looking picture perfect - especially if you have a long day ahead! Twist back and pin to the side, or pin up as a cute quiff to keep your forehead cool.

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