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Swap your brush for a blender sponge to get an Instagram finish

Swap your brush for a blender sponge to get an Instagram finish

Forget the standard foundation brush, to get an Instagram ready finish on your make-up, it’s all about the beauty blender sponge. We run through how best to use this hot new tool.

There are a huge array of sponges on the market these days, all boasting different properties. But one thing that is the same regardless of the brand is just how you should use these sponges.

Once you take the sponge out of its packing, you’d be forgiven for wondering what all the fuss is about. This small, hard object doesn’t look like it can give you a flawless finish.

However, run it under the tap and it’s a different story. Make sure the sponge is entirely saturated in water (it will also almost double in size), and then squeeze out the excess fluid to give you a damp surface to work with. You can use these sponges regardless of which base you choose – whether you opt for a high coverage dense foundation or a light coverage tinted moisturiser. Whatever your choice, dab the damp sponge into your make-up and then use the sponge in short sharp “bouncing” motions to apply the make-up onto your face. The most important thing is not to use the sponge to wipe the make-up onto your visage, but to use it to dab it on. If you prefer a lengthier make-up routine, you can use the sponge to apply your primer or base, before putting on your foundation and then setting with powder. If you’re a fan of strobing, use the sponge to apply your highlighter either pre-foundation or at the end of your regime.

It’s not just for make-up either – you can also use these sponges to apply your moisturisers and face creams. The design means that you get a much more even coverage on your complexion than if you apply the cream using your fingers.

If you are a beauty blender sponge virgin, then follow the steps above to get a gorgeous finish that even the Kardashians would be proud of.

When it comes to choosing a blender sponge, our favourites are Real Techniques’ Bold Metals Collection Miracle Diamond Sponge, which has 13 faceted areas to work on every area of the face, and BrushWorks’ HD Blender sponge set - a high quality, affordable alternative to more expensive blenders on the market.

Lord & Berry’s Luxury Bell Sponge is also a good option, as its clever shape and pointed tip means you can reach the otherwise difficult to reach areas – such as the sides of the nose and around the eyes.

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