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Style your hair in seconds

Style your hair in seconds

For many of us, a make-up routine is the most important part of a morning regime – meaning your hair often gets shoved up in a ponytail as you dash out the door en route to work. But getting a stylish ‘do doesn’t have to take hours, with the latest tools and products on the market you can get a chic look in a matter of minutes.

Wash and go

If you’re somebody who likes washing their hair at night time then your luck is in! Sleep in rollers may have found fame through reality show The Only Way Is Essex but there are now a whole host of options out there to give you gorgeous curls while you slumber. After washing your hair, simply rough dry it, put in the rollers and hit the hay. In the morning, take the rollers out and with a comb through and a quick spritz of hairspray you’ll be ready to go. Try the original Sleep-In Rollers and don’t worry if you get a funny look from your bed companion – they won’t be mocking you when they see your gorgeous look in the morning!

No time for a shower? No worries

Your alarm doesn’t go off in time and your plan for a morning shower is out the window. If you’ve got greasy hair and not enough minutes to lather up then don’t fret. Just reach for a bottle of dry shampoo to do the job and get rid of slick roots. Living Proof’s Perfect Hair Day dry shampoo has extraordinary reviews from users, with fans claiming it absorbs grease and gives a fresh, bouncy look. Just remember to brush through after using as white marks are a telltale dry shampoo sign.

Up, up and away

An updo is a surefire way to ensure you look fab but can put people off if they think they are time consuming or fiddly. Why not take a tip from Cara Delevingne and give pigtail buns a go? Simply divide your hair into two sections down the middle and use thin elastics to secure in pigtails. Backcomb slightly to give some texture and then twist around to make a rope. Twist back around the elastic to make a bun and secure with a hair pin. Using a comb, pull out a few strands to give a more ‘undone’ look and secure with hairspray. If pigtails aren’t your thing, you can do the same with just one twist rope to make a cool and professional top knot.

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