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Stress less! The best child friendly multi-tasking products

Stress less! The best child friendly multi-tasking products

Packing for a holiday is stressful enough but when you add children it becomes a much dreaded experience. So imagine if you could reduce your child’s toiletry bag significantly with some multi-tasking products. Read on for our tips on the best out there.

It can be hard enough planning what to take on holiday for a single person, let alone an entire family. That’s why the new influx of multi-tasking products for children are so incredibly useful for those looking to crack down on how much they take abroad with them. From shampoos that also work as shower gels, to a body wash that also works as an insect repellent – we run down the best multi-tasking products for kids this summer.

One of the most popular multi-tasking products is a shampoo/body wash combination. There’s nothing more stressful than trying to manage a child in the shower while also attempting to balance several bottles, so why not just use one and cut the drama?

Daniel Galvin Jr.’s products are a favourite among adults, but now the little ones can get in on the action too, thanks to his new Dubble Trubble range – a variety of organic two-in-one Shampoo and Body Washes. At a budget busting price, they won’t break the bank and the five different scents smell so delicious that you’ll want to use them all year round. Once your kids are out the shower and squeaky clean, use the Dubble Trubble detangling spray to avoid any tears through brushing out knotted locks.

One of the main activities on many holidays is swimming, with kids loving nothing more than splashing around in a pool. But with the water full of germ-busting chlorine, it can be difficult to wash everything out of their hair at the end of the day. Step forward Vosene Kids’ Afterswim Hair & Body Wash. This washes the hair and body while getting rid of any traces of the strong-smelling chlorine so you can send your little ones to bed safe in the knowledge that they are clean and ready for the next day’s adventures.

Another downside of regular swimming is the effects on those babies or children that suffer from eczema. The chlorine can aggravate skin conditions and can often turn what was a fun experience into a traumatic one. Oilatum is a name regularly associated with treating eczema and their Oilatum Daily Junior Head to Toe Wash is a perfect choice if your little one suffers with their skin. Use it as a shampoo and a body wash, as it can soothe even the itchiest skin or scalp.

If dry hair is an issue for your child, then go for JOICO’s Co+Wash – a whipped cleansing conditioner or “co-wash” as it is also known. This cleanses and conditions hair in one step and is sulphate free so is perfect for children. It also foams up in the bath or shower – making the experience fun for pint-sized cleaners.

Another fantastic multi-tasking products is the incognito’s Hair and Body Wash. As well as leaving you clean and fresh, this also contains three natural insect repellents - organic Java citronella, tea tree oil and neem. This is a great choice if you are going somewhere hot that suffers from mosquito bites as you won’t have to faff around with insect repellent sprays.

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