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Stopping static frizz

Stopping static frizz

Occasionally you'll brush your hair and be left with an annoying head full of static, which doesn't make sense because surely you should have a smooth finish once all the knots are out?!

It all comes down to science; static electricity is formed when two objects, in this case one being your hair, have clashing electrical charges. By putting these two objects in contact, electrons are transferred from one to another and they take on a charge, either negative of positive. When it comes to static hair, it's because both things are positively charged and repelling each other, causing strands to stand on end.

To guarantee this isn't a problem on a regular basis, you can take some preventative steps.

Luke Benson, Art Director D&J Ambrose, has shared his knowledge.

"To get rid of it or at least eliminate it, use a moisturising shampoo and conditioner, then prep hair with good professional styling products like an oil that will nourish," he advised to Cover Media. "Let hair air dry for a while if possible and then when drying use a good quality brush - natural bristle is great as it distributes natural hair oils across the hair shaft."

Combs are also a good option - the wider the teeth, the less likely you are to get flyaway strands from friction.

If after these steps you still have some uncontrollable hairs once you've dried, Luke recommends putting hairspray on a tissue and running it down the hair. Or if you don't use it, he suggests using a metal coat hanger against your locks to take the static charge away.

There is a time of year in when it gets worse too, as Kliff Stephanou, Artistic Director at Gina Conway Aveda Lifestyle Salons and Spas explains.

"Static hair becomes much more in the winter months when the air is cold and there’s low humidity," he shared. "If your hair is particularly dry or damaged, you’re more likely to have static hair. To prevent this, schedule regular haircuts and conditioning treatments and use a leave-in conditioner or serum to protect against heat styling and to keep the ends conditioned."

Investing in a silk pillow case is another way you can stop your hair from looking as though you've been electrocuted every morning. Its smooth finish helps prevent damage to your ends, and it's also a great choice for the warmer weather to keep you cool at night.

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