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Spring into the new season with red and pink make-up

Spring into the new season with red and pink make-up

It might not feel like it but Spring is in the air - fashion's even moved on to the Autumn/Winter 16 collections now. That means there are a range of new cosmetic ranges hitting stores, and many of them have a couple of things in common: red and pink. It seems beauty mavens are going wild for this pairing, with models on the Nina Ricci catwalks rocking a bold red lip and Dior and Lanvin women sporting a subtle wash of pink on the eyes.

Bobbi Brown can be relied upon to be on trend, so the writing is on the wall when the company releases its Pink and Red collection. The range consists of full coverage lipsticks, lipglosses and nail polishes all in deep red of bright pink - pretty self explanatory really.

It's probably not surprising that many brands have used the trend as a jumping off point for lip ranges, after all these are two of the most iconic pout colours going. Clinique's Pop Glaze sheer Lip Colour + Primer offers bold colour which is also see through, so it's perfect for days when you want to look 'done' but not covered in make-up. Also new is the company's Pop Lacquer Lip Colour + Primer, which is a brighter and shinier way to coat the mouth. The product has moisturiser in it too, so you get a good hit of colour which isn't too drying.

Gwen Stefani's latest Urban Decay offering boasts a plethora of red and pink lip shades, hardly unexpected seeing as those are the colours she's famous for rocking. Also interesting is her blush palette, which has a bright pink product in it and one which is redder. You might not think about adding red to your cheeks but it makes a refreshing change to pink or coral, especially if your skin has a dark tone. Ramping up the options is the Love Flush blusher palette from Too Faced, which sports six different shades ranging from nude to bubblegum pink and a shade which is a dead ringer for the iconic NARS Orgasm. They all last for 16 hours too, so it's a lot of bang for your buck.

Those wanting a more high fashion look should invest in MAC's Cranberry eyeshadow. It's not a new shade but the rich red is perfect for this trend, especially when paired with a delicate pink gloss on the lips. Red is hard to pull off on the eyes, but not impossible. The secret is to go for a wash rather than a thick layer, blend out the edges and use black liner and mascara, so the red doesn't contrast too much with the white of your eyes.

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