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Spring clean your make-up

Spring clean your make-up

Just as you would change your wardrobe according to the season, spring cleaning your make-up bag is a great idea for anyone looking to freshen things up. If your cosmetics are in a bit of a mess or you simply fancy a change, this is for you.

If you want to get out of a beauty rut

Do you always use the same colour eyeshadow or your trusty favourite mascara? While it’s nice to have a signature look, it can get boring and leave you feeling uninspired. We’re not suggesting you throw away your old products, but instead sort out the things you use every day and move them to a different compartment or make-up bag. That way options you might not usually go for will be at the front, making you far more likely to use them.

If you have half-used products

That gold eyeshadow you bought for the Christmas party may have looked amazing when you wore it with your LBD, but probably looks out of place in the office. So why not crush it up and keep it handy as a pot of shimmer? This will look great when mixed with your usual moisturiser, adding a summery sheen to your skin. Similarly, try sorting through seasonal products and see if they can multitask in some way. Otherwise, store them separately so they won't clog up your make-up bag until you want to use them again.

If you're not sure what's still safe to use

It can be tempting to risk it with make-up use-by dates, but with infection and irritation a real possibility, it's probably not worth it. As a general rule, mascara can be kept for two to three months, concealer for up to a year, lipstick for two years, powder-based products for two years and foundation generally for one year. Otherwise: toss it out!

If you're running out of space

By now, you should have sorted out all the seasonal make-up and chucked out anything past its use-by date. But if you're still low on space, it's time to upgrade your vanity case. A pouch-like make-up bag might be cheap and convenient for travel, but it's hard to clean and things easily get lost or crushed. Instead, invest in a hard case with drawers or compartments. These can be labelled to make finding specific products super easy and are also a dream to clean with disinfectant wipes.

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